SPEvo slides

SharePoint Evolution was a blast, and even though a lot of speakers didn’t make it over, everyone pulled together. All credit to the Combined Knowledge team, especially Steve Smith and Zoe Watson for not breaking under the pressure of #ashtag.

Like many others (especially Spence Harbar and Eric Shupps), I did a number of extra sessions, and I’ve uploaded three of the decks to Slideshare.

Building high scale, highly available websites in SharePoint 2010

Introduction to the Client OM in SharePoint 2010

Build a SharePoint website in 60 minutes

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  1. Thanks Ben – great sessions at the conference! Are you able to share the PowerShell scripts that you used for the demos in ‘Build a SharePoint website in 60 minutes’? I’m really interested in the example where you provisioned a site structure via PowerShell; very cool.


    • Yes – I’ll be tidying them up and posting them on this blog – I’ve posted the one to provision site terms already.

  1. SharePoint 2010 Evolution Conference Rundown... - Obilogic Team Blog

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