SharePoint Conference 09 is go!

Sitting in the conference keynote room brought home to me just how far SharePoint has come over the last few years. This conference has around 7400 attendees, which is pretty impressive given the overall economic climate, and the fact that this is a conference around a single product set from Microsoft. The exhibition was packed last night, and as far as I know this is now a bigger show than either  PDC and Tech.Ed.

So why have so many people come to this show? SharePoint 2010 is being unveiled today. Look out for a blizzard of blog posts from the community over the next few days on SP2010.

  • 300+ hours of brand new content
  • 240 sessions
  • 45+ hours of brand new Hands on Labs
  • 7.5 miles of network cable
  • 2 SharePoint Conference marriages
  • Biggest beach party ever at the Mandalay Bay

Some really key announcements were made today; too many really to get into detail now, but look out for some discussion posts about key functionality that has been built into SP2010.

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